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Hello, I’m John van der Linden from the Netherlands and I’m in love with magic and mentalism for over 40 years. Around 2003 I started performing mentalism only. It may be a personal flavor, or maybe it just fits my style and character more comfortably, but I do know I love performing mentalism.


As a mentalist I always try to use the smallest number of props possible, and the tools I do use have to feel organic. My preferred tools are my brain and my mind. With my mind (my control center), I may observe, communicate, influence, hypnotize and interact with the people around me, and my brain is the perfect hiding place for my memory systems, mathematical principles, and linguistic abracadabra. It has also been a repository of information for me as long as I have lived, it controls my emotions and it’s the engine of my body. They may not always work together as smooth as I would like them to, but they are invisible and I always have them with me, so I consider the mind and brain to be the perfect weapons for a mentalist.


Like many of you, I try my best to keep up with the latest knowledge and innovations within our art, with the inevitable disappointments that come with the territory.  However, once in a while you stumble on something so exciting and amazing. Like when you are reading a book that was not really special until you hit that one golden idea. Your mind fills with a flood of thoughts and you know you have found something quite extraordinary, you immediately start adapting it to your persona, perfecting it as much as you can and you can already see yourself doing it... That moment, you know you have a winner!


I want to stress that I am not an app person, but after reading about teleFoto I immediately understood that this app was something special. The moment I tested teleFoto, I knew this was one of the most amazing apps ever! These days almost every person has a phone or tablet you can use. You don’t even have to borrow it. Your victim can use their own favored device, and he or she handles it the entire time, without ever knowing they are sending you all the needed information.


teleFoto is organic, invisible and always around... like my brain and my mind!


Immediately I saw endless possibilities and many other uses for teleFoto, and when I was writing them down, ideas and questions kept bubbling forth. How could I use teleFoto in a completely different way? What special coding methods and mnemonics are suitable for this app? I think I found many of the answers to these questions, and during this journey, I have discovered some fascinating new ways to use this amazing app.


By writing this e-book I want to share my ideas with all teleFoto users that truly seek to get the maximum out of this amazing app. The ideas that I am sharing for teleFoto are by no means the be all and end all for teleFoto, but hopefully it will be an inspiration for future uses that may even surpass what you read here.


Simply calling out the information you are secretly receiving with teleFoto is a mistake, as with any mentalism tool. It will kill the mystery you are hoping for. The method may be simple, but in the right hands, teleFoto will be a killer effect that will astound, shock, overwhelm and most of all entertain the people you’re performing for.


I hope this book will provide you with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to enjoy teleFoto for many years to come.


With over 150 ideas, tips and demonstrations that are easily adaptable and easy to combine, you should be able to create some genuine miracles.


But most of all, I sincerely hope that you go out there and use them, have fun and make them your own!






John van der Linden



Coming soon: 

The eXtreme SvenPad e-book

X-Pad the eXtreme app



Don't forget!



is an app created by Greg Rostami and available at the Apple and Android App Store



is the e-book filled with tips and ideas!

You have to  buy the app in the iPhone or Android app stores.



John van der Linden

Waalre, Netherlands, Europe

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