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Now you can with the teleFoto eXtreme e-book!

Do you want to get the max out of your teleFoto app?

Do you want to learn over 150 routines, tips and idea’s for teleFoto?




Do you want to use teleFoto in a completely different way?

Do you want to extend you memory to the extreme? AND EASY!


Do you want to learn New Coding Systems especially developed for teleFoto?

- Code every card easy

- Code every letter easy

- And so much more…


Code multiple items very easy!

- Code multiple cards

- Multiple dice

- Code dates

- Code long 20 digits numbers (or more) without any memorization

- Code how many people, men, women, children, animals, streetlights and trees that are on a picture and so much more in a single code!


Learn the ALPHA-Code

Triple the pictures in your album without memory, ALL different and without losing details!


Now you can supply so much more information about your pictures!!!


Learn the secret systems that are easy to use and specially developed for teleFoto, to take teleFoto to the eXtreme


Use teleFoto to Play Games

Use teleFoto to Dance

Use teleFoto to Gamble


Tips on how to use teleFoto in a reading

Learn how to turn the method around

Learn “The Ice Cream Effect”

Learn "Disconnection"


Many more special uses for teleFoto


Tips on marketed effects that you can use with teleFoto


100 pages long filled with demonstrations, tips, ideas and many color photos. All easy to navigate with the links in the table of contents and the links to the video instructions and other websites




You will learn one of the world’s best memory demonstration, that can also be done without teleFoto, Anytime, Anywhere! No props!!!



If you want to learn all this and more…



Than buy the teleFoto eXtreme e-book NOW!

The teleFoto eXtreme ebook


What others are saying:



Greg Rostami

(Creator of the teleFoto app)

“I read through the book and I really love it!”

“It’s Awesome!”

“I wish I had read John’s book before I made teleFoto..."

"His insight on mentalism and the use of teleFoto as a new tool in this art is absolutely BRILLIANT”



Brett Barry

“It looks like you have a winner in your hands”

Overall I think there are some outstanding ideas in this PDF John – great job!



Bill Abbot
Thanks so much for letting me get a sneak peek at your upcoming ebook! It really has a lot of terrific ideas. Absolutely!



Jan Forster

“I think your book is very, very good! To be more precise: I think for beginners it is excellent also because you give very important advices how to present mind reading and mentalism. For the more advanced mentalist it is still very good, as it is indeed thought provoking!”


“I like your system of "Bigs", it is very simple and very useful!” “Excellent work!”



Chester Sass
Great work! I love to see people that push an idea to it’s limit! Well done John!



Steven Young

“I thought the book was well written, and

I certainly like the Extreme idea”



Kellar O'Neil

Awesome, John.  Just purchased...I love the 'Growing is Knowing' system!  That is wonderful conceptual thinking!

Read some real feedback from the largest magic forum in the world!

I can see paying much more for this! Especially with the TeleFoto Extreme Book from I am serious when I say this.....if you have TeleFoto take out your credit card right now and buy TeleFoto Extreme.


It may just be the best thing you do all day. You can thank me later.


It is so freaking awesome and chock full of tips, ideas and effects that will blow your mind. There is not one single fluff item. It is 100 pages of pure enthusiasm for this great APP called TeleFoto.


I completely recommend it.



!@#$!! I can't believe what I've just bought...     I think my brain just had an orgasm!


This is too good to be shared, period (the e-book I mean). The e-book will enrich TeleFoto users, be it for new users or those who have been using it for a while. Excellent materials AND very direct and simple instructions including so many tips that will bring your TeleFoto to another level.


Can't wait to try these ideas!


Seriously, the e-book will cover every aspect of performing using TeleFoto. EVERY aspect, from something that might sounds small and unimportant to presentation, coding, etc, etc.


Failed Magician

Anyone who owns teleFoto will be floored & amazed by the incredible gems and ideas within this EXTREME ebook. I had the pleasure of proof-reading the first 67 or so pages... and frankly this PDF contains a wealth of routines, tips, hints and much more.


John has poured his heart (and Mentalist soul) into this ebook powerhouse


'Growing is Knowing' is my favorite of the many many many ideas assembled for your learning pleasure.


teleFoto Extreme is a genuine winner.


Brett Berry

Purchased Telefoto and the ebook last night and I couldn't be happier.


The possibilities are endless.



I just want to let everyone know that if you have TeleFoto and have not purchased this book then you are truly missing out and not getting the full magic potential out of your app!


To those that have missed out on the lower price fear not because this book is worth more than the $19.95 John is asking for it. It is in my opinion a necessary companion piece to TeleFoto.


If John ever writes a book for SupaThump I will be the first person to get it.


His thinking is so outside of the box!


I use one or many of his ideas daily!



I 2nd everything that Gordon said


the eXtreme book is pretty much the "bible" for anyone who owns this superb app.


It is a home run PDF and worth every penny and more...



Just picked this e-book up the other day.


It has some VERY POWERFUL and genius ideas throughout.


Highly recommended!!!


Steven Skindell - The Amazing Steveo

John, thanks, I actually found the link last night in the thread in the Latest and Greatest on this.


I downloaded the book last night and it is a superb explanation of all things Telefoto, and beautifully produced.


I can only hope you are planning to write similar e-books for iPredict Pro and SupaThump (which I don't really know how to actually use at all yet, since it lacks a manual to date).


Thanks for writing this terrific e-book.



This ebook is AMAZING!!!


I just started reading it - I think I have idea overload!


I'm getting vertigo from all the different ideas spinning around in my head thanks to John's creativity!



I think I need to take a week off from work to devote to teleFoto practice.




Mark P

Fantastic book John.


Now we need one for iPredict.


Pretty please



You can read all these comments above and many more at the Magic Cafe! 

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The eXtreme SvenPad e-book

X-Pad the eXtreme app



Don't forget!



is an app created by Greg Rostami and available at the Apple and Android App Store



is the e-book filled with tips and ideas!

You have to  buy the app in the iPhone or Android app stores.



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